Where we should go in Warsaw?

Recently, many people are choosing to travel. Even at the weekend, in two or three days we can visit a lot of places. We earn much better now, and we also have better cars, which is why even long journeys are not impossible. So what is worth visiting in Poland?

Warsaw is a popular tourist destination

It is worth remembering that Poland is a very beautiful country where we will find many interesting monuments. Undoubtedly, over the years, our country has suffered greatly, especially during World War II. At that time, many monuments were destroyed, as well as our most important cultural works were looted. Poland after many years of wars finally regained independence, and is now a rebuilt and modern country in which many interesting places can be visited.

If we are looking for an attractive destination for the weekend, we should think about going to Warsaw. In the capital of Poland that we can find many attractions that will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. A lot of people don’t like visiting museums, but we should remember that museums now look much different from they did a few decades ago. For example, it is worth visiting this object – Polish vodka museum in Warsaw. More and more people are choosing Polish vodka museum Warsaw, because there are many interesting exhibits regarding this very popular drink in Poland. It is worth remembering that we will also find there the history of the creation of this strong alcohol, as well as many interesting facts about it. A special guide in a foreign language is also prepared for tourists from abroad.

Vodka museum in Warsaw

Warsaw is a very popular city, where many tourists come every year. However, it often happens that people have no idea what to visit. So what sights should we visit in Warsaw if we have little time left?

Royal Castle very popular

The Royal Castle is definitely very popular in Warsaw. An interesting fact is that from the beginning of the 17th to the end of the 18th century, the Warsaw Castle served as the main seat of the royal court. Few people are aware, but it was here that the political center of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was moved from Krakow. The Royal Castle in Warsaw, however, was not as lucky as Wawel in Krakow. Unfortunately, for centuries it was completely destroyed and plundered by the Swedish, Brandenburg and Russian armies. In turn, during World War II, it was almost completely destroyed by the Germans.

Currently, this place is well cared for, because the castle was rebuilt just after the war. Being in the Polish capital is worth going to this place. We should not forget that there are many other places worth visiting in Warsaw.

One of them is certainly vodka museum Warsaw described in such local portals as nizio.com.pl. Mentioned vodka museum in Warsaw is a must see on the map of every tourist. It is here that we can find out many interesting curiosities about this popular drink in Poland. Admission to the museum does not cost too much. Additionally, deciding to visit this place, we can quickly get, among others, by public transport or a taxi. Even when we don’t know the city, we can easily get there.

Cultural run through Warsaw

It is now more and more common for many people to take a day trip. A lot of people are choosing around their place of residence, thus visiting and getting to know new places that are so close, and we do not necessarily have a lot of knowledge about them. It is worth remembering that sometimes it is even worth going a bit further to get to know completely new places we have not been to yet. So what are the most popular destinations?

Big cities are very often chosen

More and more people choosing the place of their trip is looking primarily for a city where you can find many attractions. Unlike last century, we now have really modern cars available and thus we can easily move wherever we want. It doesn’t really matter how far away the attraction is.

However, choosing the purpose of your trip even for one day, it is worth choosing a large city. The weather is not always sunny during the year, and above all in autumn and winter, the weather can be very variable. In the city we will always find numerous attractions, and above all we can explore a lot of things inside the buildings. In particular, you can find numerous new products and attractions in Warsaw that are not found in other parts of Poland. Increasingly, many people choose this direction, because in this city you can also find a lot of interesting things for young children.

Currently, most of the museum is adapted for children. However, it is worth remembering that adults will also find something for themselves. Vodka museum Warsaw (on tripadvisor.com you can check it review) is certainly very popular not only among Polish but also foreign tourists. By deciding to visit vodka museum Warsaw, you can learn many interesting things.

Wonderful city of Poland

Warsaw is a very attractive city, which is visited by many tourists every year. This is not surprising, because you can find real attractions there. When deciding to travel to the Polish capital, it’s worth taking a few days off. So what can you visit there?

Warsaw is becoming a more and more popular destination

Traveling these days is very easy. Currently available we have a variety of means of transport, which, contrary to appearances, are not expensive. Certainly cars are the most popular and it is this means of transport that many people decide on. So if we decide on domestic trips, where is it worth going?

Certainly, each of us should see the capital of Poland at least once in their lives. It is very important to visit this place not only for one day, but to stay there for a few days. It is a city where we certainly have something to visit. So what is worth visiting in Warsaw?

We should not forget that Warsaw was destroyed during the war. World War II meant that the current capital of Poland was virtually razed to the ground. It wasn’t until many years after the war that the city began to be born again so that we could see it as it is today. Definitely in addition to older buildings, in today’s Warsaw we can meet modern high-rise buildings. However, it is worth walking around slightly older districts and see what the forgotten, less modern part of this city looks like.

In Warsaw you can also find many attractive cinemas, monuments and numerous museums. Vodka museum Warsaw – read more here – is very popular among others. By choosing the vodka museum Warsaw mentioned above, you can learn the history of this popular drink in Poland.

Auschwitz tours and excursions

The Auschwitz concentration camp is located at Oswiecim, 60km (37 miles) west of Cracow, and is an essential day trip, as it brings home the horrors of Nazi rule and the Holocaust perhaps more than anywhere else in the world. Auschwitz was actually made of three camps (Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II in Birkenau and Auschwitz III in Monowitz) with 40 sub-camps. Today, the preserved buildings of the first camp house displays of photographs and personal articles (from hair to shoes, suitcases, pots and pans).

Continue reading Auschwitz tours and excursions

The best Wieliczka tours

Krakow is one of the most visited cities in Poland. Every year, many tourists come to this city, but they are not only people from Poland. On the market in Krakow, we can hear different languages ​​from around the world. Tourists from Europe are definitely ahead, but tourists are coming from really distant continents in search of real beauty and historic architecture. So what is interesting in Krakow and what is worth focusing on when deciding to visit this beautiful city?

Definitely in Krakow it is worth visiting, inter alia, the market, as well as the Cloth Hall or St. Mary’s Church. However, we must not forget that it is also worth visiting the Princes’ Castle on Wawel. More and more people decide not only to visit this beautiful city, but also the monuments located near the center of Krakow. Salt mine Krakow enjoys great popularity among tourists from around the world. In Salt Mine in Krakow we can find really attractive monuments, as well as find out how the salt was extracted in these areas.

Wieliczka tours are a great way to relax (see on https://www.seekrakow.com/en/wieliczka-salt-mine/), but at the same time we can get acquainted with the very interesting history of the areas on which today’s Krakow is located. Deciding on the aforementioned Wieliczka tour, we can be sure that we only need half a day to go down the mining route and return to the city center. Tourist offices where we can buy such a few-hour trip are even at the market square in the center of Krakow.

Krakow tours

As the legend goes, Krakow was founded on the defeat of a dragon. The beast called Wawel Dragon terrorised all the people living in the King Krak’s town. They had to meet dragon’s demands, which were no more, no less than every-week sacrifices from cattle. After many tries to vanquish the terrible monster a young shoemaker outsmarted the Dragon by giving it a ram stuffed with sulphur. The beast consumed a ram and exploded like fireworks. In this way, the heroic shoemaker liberated his town from the monster. Much time has passed since these mythical events, but you can still feel the magical atmosphere of the beautiful „Krak’s town”.

krakow tours

Top 4 Krakow sights

Propably no other city in Poland has so many historic buildings and monuments or such a vast collection of artworks. It’s impossible to see them all during one stay. These are our top four recommendations – the most important must-visit attractions. Most Krakow tours include them in their schedules.
Main Market Square – one of the largest medieval squares in Europe (200 x 200 m). Usuallly it’s the first and most important stop during tours in Krakow. You can find there numerous antique buildings, such as the Sukiennice Cloth Hall, the Town Hall Tower, St. Mary’s Basilica, the Church of St. Adalbert, and other great sights. In the Main Market Square you can take part in many cultural events, visit the Historical Museum or spend nice time in one of many fancy restaurants or cozy cafes.
Lady with an ermine – the iconic painting by Leonardo da Vinci is undoubtedly one of Poland’s national treasures. It can be viewed at the National Museum in Krakow. The lady in the portrait is Cecilia Gallerani, a mistress of Lodovico Sforza, Duke of Milan. The ermine seems to be an allusion to Duke Sforza himself, who was called the White Ermine.
Wawel Hill with magnificent complex of Polish architecture and culture: the Royal Castle, Cathedral and the archaeological-architectonic reserve called the“Lost Wawel”.
Kazimierz – the former Jewish quarter laying just outside the Old Town. The mass deportation and extermination during WWII took lives, along with the atmosphere and fabulous Jewish culture. Today, we can speak of a revival of the district and you definitely should see it.

Tours in Krakow

You can plan many beautiful and interesting Krakow tours on your own. If you want to book a tour with a professional city guides – you can find them on the internet. Some of the walking tours are even free.

The best Cracow city guided tours

Cracow is a very beautiful city that is visited for many people every year, coming not only from the country, but also from around the world. We need a few days to visit this city. There are many interesting places to see in the old capital of Poland. So what is the most worth paying attention to?

There are many attractive places in Cracow. If we are looking for attractive monuments or beautiful corners, we will find them practically in the whole city. However, before we decide to visit Cracow, it is worth answering the question of what we would like to see and how much free time we have.

cracow city guided tours
If we have very little free time or in Cracow we are only passing through one day, it is worth to choose Cracow city guided tours. It is such a city guided tours in Cracow that is a great solution for people from abroad, but also for the inhabitants of this country. Thanks to such a trip, we can quickly visit the greatest attractions of Cracow, often without getting out of the car.

After the center of Cracow we can move on a tourist electric car. However, an excellent alternative to tourists is also the old town walking tour. Such old town walking tours is a great idea especially for people who have never been in this city and do not know its history. A guided tour, although often very fast, will allow us to get to know all the magical places of this city and bring us closer to its history.

Trip to Poland

Trip and sleep

If you decide to travel in Poland, meaning visit several cities during few days you should think about hostels as an place to sleep. The main advantage of hostels is possible of rent only a bed, not whole room. Most of day tourist spend on visiting monuments, walkover the city or in the restaurants and pubs. Hostels offers a good prices for a bed and also they got a second big advantage. Hostels Poland are located in the city centers, even on main squares.

When we got a shelter for the night

We could start the journey. Begin in Gdańsk, seaside town. Visit St. Dominic’s fair, Royal Way with Prison Tower and Neptune’s Fountain and 14th century main square. Next stop, Masuria, area of Poland full of lakes. The best time to visit is summer months. Go for swim, yachting or fishing. After few days of relaxing take the bags and visit Warsaw. Capitol of Poland. Modern city with high rise buildings, shops of famous designers and also with historical parts of the city. Need to visit Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, palace on the water, church of St. Anne, Royal Castle and a lot of more.

No chance!

There is no chance to say about all attractions around the country. Besides that we cannot forget about the food and traditions which is different in some regions. The best way of known the country that is choose a few cities and just go to them. Remember to reserve several days for each of them.

History lesson: What happened in Auschwitz?

In April 1940, on the orders of the commander-in-chief of the SS, Heinrich Himler, the construction of the concentration camp in Oświęcim – Zasole was started, using the military barracks that were already there. The organization of the camp and the commandant was entrusted to a trusted Hitler supporter, Rudolf Höss. The first transport of prisoners was sent here on 14 June 1940 – 728 Polish political prisoners from Tarnów. Until June 1941, it was a camp intended exclusively for Poles, over 17 thousand of whom were registered in that period.

Then, in accordance with earlier plans, it was transformed into an international camp. In March 1941, after his visit to Auschwitz, Heinrich Himler ordered to set up a second camp in nearby Brzezinka, mainly intended for the extermination of Jews. Its construction started already in October after the deportation of the residents of Brzezinka, and neighboring Pławy, Rajsko, Babice and Broszkowice. The “primary” Auschwitz I camp was the original camp, which initially included 39 collateral labor camps (including in Silesia) in addition to Brzezinka (Birkenau). In November 1943, this entire “death factory” team was divided into three separate concentration camps.

The camp in Oświęcim-Brzezinka was the largest of all Nazi extermination camps. Currently, you can visit it by choosing Auschwitz tour. Such Auschwitz tours can be booked in many cities and online on site like: http://www.seekrakow.com/en/auschwitz-birkenau/.