Why should we go to Tatra mountains tour?

Increasingly, many people are looking for a variety of solutions on how to spend their free time. Contrary to appearances, this is not so simple, because often we do not have much money for much pleasure. So what should we do in this situation?

How to spend our free time?

The form of spending free time depends on many factors that researchers divide into external and internal. The first include the environment, i.e. terrain, climate, nature of buildings, communication, as well as behavioral patterns and habits. Internal factors are a personality type, individual need for movement or contact with other people. The way we spend our free time is also determined by our health, physical fitness, age, sex, education, profession and of course the financial situation. Patterns passed on by family, peer groups or friends play a significant role. People who are better educated in their free time often go to the cinema, theater, concerts or indulge in their favorite reading. They also play sport more often and go on trips.

Trips are the most attractive form of spending free time, because very often they do not cost too much, and thanks to them that we can visit many interesting places very quickly. Tatra mountains tour certainly deserves attention. Deciding on such Tatra mountain tours, we can be sure that in a very short time we will visit many interesting places. It is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Poland, which is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Is it worthy to visit underground museum krakow?

Walking around Krakow’s Market Square, not many people know that there is a real treasure under their feet. Come with us to the secret world, full of secrets, where the oldest history of the most important, bourgeois place of Krakow – the Main Square – was presented.

Thanks to the work of archaeologists, 6000m2 of underground parts of the Market Square have been made available, where you can see 1000 years of history of this place. All this area can be see during tour to underground museum krakow. Beginning with the reconstruction of huts and blacksmith’s workshop from the early Middle Ages, among the foundations of the first cloth hall, walking on the truest roads of that time, you can hear the buzz that accompanied this place. The whole is enriched with multimedia visualizations, devices and an exhibition of the truest objects from the entire period of Krakow’s existence, which was discovered during archaeological excavations at that time.

The exhibition “Following the traces of Krakow’s European identity” was opened in September 2010. Its existence was initiated by archaeological works in 2005, which were to last only a few months, and lasted for five consecutive years. Thanks to the discoveries of archaeologists, we were able to learn more about the centuries-old history of the city, especially its bourgeois part. Going to the underground museum krakow is a must-be point in schedule of each Krakow trip. Don’t miss it while being in Krakow!

Wawel castle is the best for children

Nowadays, it often happens that many people take long trips. This is not surprising, because it is thanks to this that we have the opportunity to meet new attractions, as well as often a new kitchen or even meet new friends on our way. We don’t have to go far to visit really interesting places. One of them is Krakow, which is worth seeing.

Wawel castle in Krakow very popular

When visiting Krakow, it is worth visiting Wawel. Thanks to this, we will learn not only a large part of Krakow’s history, but also legends related to the city. There is, among others, the popular Dragon Cave. It is a cave open to the public, hidden in the western slope of the Wawel Hill. According to legend, the first version of which was created at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, the cave was once inhabited by the Wawel Dragon.

The creature terrorized the inhabitants of Kraków and none of the brave knights could defeat him for decades. Only the modest Shoemaker Dratewka, who set an ambush on the dragon, killed the terrible beast. The young man planted an artificial sheep to eat, filled with explosives, which exploded in the dragon’s stomach. The creature quickly flew out of its pit to quench its thirst with water from the Vistula. He drank until it finally burst. The only thing left after the dragon today is the fire-breathing monument placed in front of the entrance to his pit. This is certainly one of the main attractions of Krakow, which we will see while walking to the castle in Wawel.

Very important Schindler’s factory

Only a dozen or so years ago one of the most important, but less popular places in Krakow was certainly Schindler’s factory tour. Few people knew how important this place was during World War II. So what was factory Schindler? Why should it be such an important place on the map of every tourist?

Important attractions in Krakow

It is worth knowing that the Schindler Factory is nothing more than the German Enamel Product Factory. When the liquidation of the ghetto contributed to the creation of Schindler’s factory in the sub-camp of the labor camp in Płaszów, the prisoners working there lived in the factory area, thanks to which they could avoid difficult living conditions in the proper camp.

During the appointment of people to work in the factory, Schindler mainly designated people who the camp doctors would consider unable to work, and thus would end up in the gas chamber. Schindler thus wanted to protect especially children, women, elderly people and men who are not physically able to work. As a result of Schindler’s proceedings in 1944, over 1,000 people were already working at the Podgórze plant. In 1945 the sub-camp was liquidated as a result of the evacuation of Germans. Schindler moved his production to today’s Czech Republic to Brunnlitz, and the Jews working for him were bought out and deported from Krakow, thanks to which their lives were saved. Today, the Schindler Factory is managed by the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Popular places in Warsaw

Currently, more and more people are deciding to travel long distances. Very often it happens that many people even choose weekend trips to various European capitals. This is very possible these days because transport is very well developed and travel is not expensive. So what European capitals are worth visiting? Where is it worth going even for a weekend?

Lots of different places to visit

There are definitely many beautiful capitals in Europe that each of us should visit at least once in a lifetime. However, we should not forget that it is very important to choose a place that will fascinate us not only in terms of culture, but also food. We should not forget that very often there are different dishes in different parts of Europe and we will not like them all.

Warsaw is certainly a very attractive place for many tourists. It is one of the more popular European capitals, because we can find very attractive monuments here, as well as have a good time. We should not forget that it is relatively cheap in Warsaw. That is why so many tourists in particular from the west decide to come here. Even over the weekend in Warsaw we can visit many interesting places. We should not forget that many modern museums have recently been opened, such as Warsaw vodka museum. Definitely, if we want to learn a bit more about this popular drink in Poland, we should choose Polish vodka museum Warsaw. More and more people are choosing this place because we can use the services of guides who communicate in different foreign languages.

The best attractions in Krakow

The former capital of Poland has become very popular nowadays. More and more people decide to visit this city because you can find there many interesting places and monuments that were not destroyed during World War II. However, you should remember that, contrary to appearances, visiting this city is not easy. So what is worth remembering in this case?

Krakow is an unique place

The former capital of Poland is definitely a perfect place for a trip, even if only for the weekend. Even during these few short days you have the opportunity to see the most important monuments of this beautiful city. So what’s worth visiting in this case?

Many monuments in one city

In Krakow, at the beginning it is always worth visiting the older part. Krakow old town has been attracting tourists not only from Poland but also from abroad for many years. This is where you can see numerous monuments. It is also worth going to the royal castle as well as visiting numerous museums.

It is worth knowing that Krakow can boast of such numerous monuments, because, unlike other cities, such as Warsaw, during World War II, the former Polish capital was not destroyed. It is for this reason that many attractive monuments have survived to this day, which are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

What is Energylandia?

Recently, more and more parents have no idea where to go with children in their free time. It is frequent that the youngest are looking for a variety of entertainment, but in Poland it is very difficult to find them. The Energylandia theme park has been very popular for several years. More and more people are deciding to visit this place. So what is worth seeing there? Why it is also a very attractive place for the youngest?

Energylandia is becoming increasingly popular

In summer or spring, many people want to spend their free time away from home. This is not surprising, because the nice weather encourages distant walks as well as spending free time outdoors. Unfortunately, very often it happens that young children outside are quickly bored and parents do not know how to organize their entertainment.

A great solution in this case is, among others, a visit to the amusement park. There are not many amusement parks in Poland, but if there are such places, often there is not many attractions. However, the aforementioned Amusement Park in southern Poland is not only the largest in the country, but also has the largest attractions in Europe. It is a great place for family trips because visitors can find a lot of attractions for both children and adults. The park is divided into special zones, which are intended for the youngest participants and slightly older in turn. There is also a family zone, so family can have fun together, regardless of age. Definitely worth trying this type of attraction. However, this theme park is so well equipped, that anyone who comes there only once will want to come back.

If you are interested, see more in https://www.seekrakow.com/en/energylandia-park-rozrywki/

Beauty places in Warsaw

Recently, a lot of people are looking for a variety of ways to spend their free time. Unfortunately, this is not very easy, because although we have a lot of options, really often people quickly lose the desire to do something new. Many hobbies also require a lot of time and money, but unfortunately most people don’t have that opportunity. So what can we do in this case?

Traveling is a great hobby idea

If, for example, we want to explore the world and thus not spend too much money on it, it is worth deciding on weekend travels. It is a very good idea to spend free time, although due to budget constraints we will definitely not leave every weekend.

It is worth remembering that for some travel is limited to visiting other tourist attractions that must be immortalized in photography. Others prefer traveling more in depth. It is not an attraction for them to travel on known trails, preferably with a guide, but to thoroughly explore places, touch, at least for a moment, their charm and uniqueness. Such journeys usually take place by local means of transport, when we experience everything that the inhabitants of a given region, state experience. We don’t need much money for this tour. All we need is knowledge of a given place and courage, which makes us give up comfort and decide on individual learning and tasting. For example, this is how we can visit Warsaw, even if we don’t have much money. Vodka museum in Warsaw is a great place to visit. It is in vodka museum Warsaw that we can find many attractions that will tell us more about this popular drink in Poland.

What is black Madonna in Poland?

One of the most popular paintings in Poland is, among others, the black Madonna. This popular painting in Poland is a Byzantine icon painted with tempera on a linden board. Our Lady is dressed in a dark blue dress and a coat with a red lining. With his left hand he supports the Baby facing her, dressed in a carmine dress. The child has his right hand raised in a gesture of blessing, and the gospel is holding in his left.

Popular Black Madonna in Poland

Maria’s coat is decorated with lilies, and the baby’s dress is decorated with golden rosettes. The characteristic feature of the image are 2 larger cuts on Maria’s right cheek and a few other, less visible. There is also a certain disproportion between the head of Maria and the tiny head of the Child. Maria’s face beats mercy, mild sadness, and fascinates not only the faithful, her penetrating eyes with flashes of lights.

In the years 2009-2012 the latest conservation and research work on the image was carried out under the guidance of the most outstanding scientists and specialists. The image was also placed in a special glass cassette with air conditioning, in which it has ideal atmospheric conditions, the right humidity and temperature.

Annually, the monastery on Jasna Góra and the Black Madonna is visited by about 4 million people, which is almost as much as in the famous Lourdes in France. The sanctuary in Częstochowa is therefore the largest religious and pilgrimage site in Central Europe. The motif of Our Lady of Częstochowa is also found in many works of Polish literature. Definitely at least once in your life you should see Black Madonna Poland.