Park at Zator – is it worth your time?

While spending a short time at Kraków, some people are planning shorter trips around the town. One of the places, which are definitely worth considering – is Zatorland, a complex of four parks, located in Zator: small town near Kraków. What can be seen there?

For children and adults

Even though the themes of parks might suggest, that this place will be funny only for children – it’s not like that. The exhibitions (about bugs, Greek gods, dinosaurs) are not only funny, but also highly educational. Even older visitors will learn about facts, which they didn’t know and what is more – they will be able to see for themselves the dinosaurs, which are long gone.

Different themes

There are three theme parks: one about dinosaurs, one for different types of insects from around the world and one – about mythology. The last park is purely for fun and allows children to have great time while doing what only kids can do: run and play longer than decency allows for most human beings. What is more, most of their parents also have fun there!

Not the typical park

All the exhibits are prepared with great attention and detail, but also – their surroundings are interesting. The Park of Dinosaurs is partially placed in a forest, while Park of Mythology (the only one in Poland at all!) is… on water. It means, that the trip is being taken in a boat – which makes it even more fun for most of the visitors. Zatorland is really worth a shot!