Warsaw Vodka Museum – why should you visit it?

Visiting museums is one of the many activities taken by tourists from around the world. Many of them don’t really know where to go while bein at Poland. While many cities are definitely worth seeing, it’s still not enough to fill a schedule for a couple of days. One of museums definitely worth seeing (unfortunately by adults only) is Warsaw Vodka Museum.

Five hundred years of history in one place

in this one of a kind museum, you can find many interesting exhibits covering full history of this most popular Polish drink. Not only can you find out what materials can be used to prepare the beverage, but also – you get a unique opportunity to learn about many interesting traditions with vodka in the background.

To fulfill wishes of different types of tourists, some of the exhibitions are prepared in an old fashioned way, while part of the museum is fully interactive. This way everyone can learn interesting facts in the way they prefer.

Special location for unusual museum

To make this place even more special, Warsaw Vodka Factory is located in buildings, which previously belonged to Koneser – polish vodka factory, preparing such drinks as Wyborowa. The whole complex is located in Praga districts and is quite a view itself.

At the museum, you will get an opportunity to find out when first vodka was brewed, how did the process look centuries ago, how did it change and what are the reason behind them. For lovers of interesting facts, vodka factory prepared also some old alcohol bottles and exhibits covering most interesting fun facts.

For those, who want to sample the alcohol on their own, the museum also prepared a chance to try different types of vodka under the supervision of experienced worker. This way, you get the chance to find out the taste differences between vodka prepared from different materials. If you will have questions, be sure to ask them: workers are more than happy to offer additional knowledge to those, who are interested in getting it. At the end, feel free to visit the gift shop.

More about Museum of Vodka in Warsaw: https://www.myguidewarsaw.com/things-to-do/polish-vodka-museum