The best history lesson – jewish quarter Krakow

We definitely have many different travel options these days. We should not forget that if we want to go even somewhere far away, we will certainly find the right transport without any problems. Nowadays, travels are not so expensive, but it is also worth taking into account the fact that in our home country we can also find many attractive monuments. So where is it worth going and what to see?

More and more often chosen jewish quarter Krakow

If we do not know where to go on a trip this time, we should rather look for attractive places in our country. For example, in Poland we can find many beautiful places, as well as numerous monuments that remind us of the most important moments in history, and certainly visiting such places, we can have an excellent history lesson.

Krakow is a place where we can meet the remains of many cultures and really old and well-kept monuments. The former capital of Poland captivates with its charm at any time of the year, thanks to which, regardless of what the current weather is, we can find many things to do there.

Among tourists, jewish quarter in Krakow is very popular. It is in the jewish quarter in Krakow that we can find numerous monuments reminding of this nation, such as synagogues and museums, as well as shops and restaurants. Once upon a time, the Jewish population in Krakow was a very large group. An interesting fact is that many inscriptions in this district are in Yiddish and we can feel as if we are in a completely different country than Poland.