Why visit Warsaw Vodka Museum?

Located in old buildings of vodka manufactory, in the captial of Poland – Warsaw Vodka Museum: https://culture.pl/en/article/polish-vodka-museum-is-to-be-opened is a great place to visit while in town. Not only can you learn about a long history of this alcohol, but also see with your own eyes, how to prepare drinks with it. The buildings of museum are in Praga district of the town.

Types of tickets

Even though the museum can be visited only by adults (people over 18 years old), there stll are full price tickets and reduced price tickets (mostly for students or pensioners). Please beware, that if you’re visiting Warsaw with kids, you need to find care for them, as children cannot go inside those buildings.

If you’re interested in seeing the exhibitions with your friends during private, night tour – call the museum and make an appointment: there are being organized such events with further notice. Also, vodka lovers will be very happy, that there is a possibility to learn how to prepare drinks containing this alcohol. This isn’t permanent event, so if you want to make sure, there is a course taking place during your visit, simply contact the museum staff.

What can you see at the museum?

There is a complex history of vodka manufacture covering over six hunderd years of history. Multiple exhibitions cover the process of brewing, materials needed to prepare vodka and many other things.

If you never tasted vodka or like that savor, you will most definitely enjoy the fact, that there is also a possibility of vodka sampling in the gastronomic part of the museum.