One day in Ojcow national park

Ojcow National Park was originally created in 1956. It’s located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, near Kraków. It’s the smallest of polish national parks and its symbol is a bat.

History of the park

Back in the nineteenth century, the nature in Ojcow National Park suffered great losses due to massive stand cuts and the caves were dug in. Human actions caused huge destruction in those lands.

That’s the reason people interested in protecting natural environment began their efforts in order to protect natural caves, flora and fauna. It took many years to place a national park on mentioned terrain, but it finally happened.

What can be seen there?

This national park is best known for the caves. The calcareous substrate makes it easy to create natural underground tunnels. Up to 2006, there were around 500 cataloged caves. The longest and at the same time open for tourists are Łokietek Cave and Ciemna.

Due to human actions in nineteenth century, around 36 plant species were completely wiped out. Fortunately, there are still many unique varieties left, such as alpine rose.

It’s probably the best park to start an unique experience of exploring polish flora and fauna. It’s the smallest one, so it won’t cause huge fatigue – and at the same time, it offers great views and amazing amount of knowledge. Also, it’s around 16 km from Kraków, so the trip can may involve visiting both localizations.