3-days trip to Warsaw

Many tourists set themselves the goal of visiting all European capitals. In the plan of such a trip, Warsaw cannot be missed. The capital of Poland is one of the most interesting places in that part of Europe. So what can you see on a short, three-day trip?

Interesting historical places

Warsaw is primarily a piece of Polish history. The city has many monuments related to the history of Poles. The first place worth visiting is the Old Town, where the Sigismund’s Column is located. It is a symbol commemorating the transfer of the Polish capital from Krakow to Warsaw. In the old town you can admire beautiful tenements and taste the greatest specialties of Polish cuisine.

Going further, it is worth visiting the Royal Castle, which was rebuilt after the war. Łazienki Royal park is another element of the trip plan. This garden and palace complex is one of the most beautiful in Europe. This is a known historical place where there are several interesting places.

Willanów is another park and palace complex in Warsaw. It is a place founded by Jan III Sobieski. Willanów is located approx. 6 km from Warsaw.

An interesting place to visit is also the Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw. It is a place dedicated to Polish vodka, where you can learn the history and secrets of the formation of this alcohol.

One of the points of the trip may also be the Palace of Culture and Science, which was built when Poland was ruled by the Soviet Union. It is the tallest building in Warsaw from which you can admire the panorama of the entire city.

Warsaw has many interesting places. It is without a doubt a city to visit which even 3 days may not be enough.