The best Krakow city tours

One of the most popular cities in Europe is Krakow. This beautiful Polish city has its unusual charm. Everyone visiting Krakow can experience amazing moments in this city. All thanks to interesting attractions and places where you can relax strongly. What’s the best way to explore Krakow?

A city of many attractions!

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has many historical monuments known all over the world. The icon of Krakow is the Wawel Castle. In addition to it, you can find many other interesting attractions. Many of them can be found in Kazimierz. This is the Jewish district of Krakow, visited by real crowds of tourists. In fact, you can find many guided tours and Krakow city tours every day. The latter are especially popular with tourists.

Why are tours around Krakow so popular?

City tours around Krakow are very popular because you can see all the most important places in a given city in a relatively short time. Such a trip will take us both to Wawel and to the Schindler Factory. During the city tour there will also be a visit to St. Mary’s Church and the Cloth Hall.

What except monuments?

Many tourists want to spend time in Krakow partying. This is one of the best cities to find a good party. On the Krakow market you can find many interesting clubs where the best drinks are served and music is the best hits. In such places you can experience some of the best events you’ve ever been to! Despite clubbing, you can just find one of these famous Polish pubs where you can try different type of Polish beer and vodka.