Vodka museum in Warsaw

Warsaw is a very popular city, where many tourists come every year. However, it often happens that people have no idea what to visit. So what sights should we visit in Warsaw if we have little time left?

Royal Castle very popular

The Royal Castle is definitely very popular in Warsaw. An interesting fact is that from the beginning of the 17th to the end of the 18th century, the Warsaw Castle served as the main seat of the royal court. Few people are aware, but it was here that the political center of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was moved from Krakow. The Royal Castle in Warsaw, however, was not as lucky as Wawel in Krakow. Unfortunately, for centuries it was completely destroyed and plundered by the Swedish, Brandenburg and Russian armies. In turn, during World War II, it was almost completely destroyed by the Germans.

Currently, this place is well cared for, because the castle was rebuilt just after the war. Being in the Polish capital is worth going to this place. We should not forget that there are many other places worth visiting in Warsaw.

One of them is certainly vodka museum Warsaw described in such local portals as Mentioned vodka museum in Warsaw is a must see on the map of every tourist. It is here that we can find out many interesting curiosities about this popular drink in Poland. Admission to the museum does not cost too much. Additionally, deciding to visit this place, we can quickly get, among others, by public transport or a taxi. Even when we don’t know the city, we can easily get there.